Phala Updates v0.0.3 (2.24–2.29)


  • Web UI skeleton for Milestone 2;
  • Researched protocol messages encryption (command & query) and tokenization;
  • Mainnet economics: Simulation on the economic design.
  • Various TEE Miner hardware compatibility tests and composability tests; Named a list of qualified suppliers with standards of configuration and pricing determined.

Web3 Analytics:

  • Fundamentally completed backend algorithms and APIs;
  • Researched computation implemented in confidential contracts.


  • Recruited one volunteer in assistance of translation (many thanks to him);
  • Published an article of AMA review on Medium;
  • Completed account building on Facebook/LinkedIn/Reddit/Crunchbase.

Data of community and growth:

[Chinese Community]

Total UV of published articles on WeChat: 1,874 (+724)

Total UV of published articles on other media: 20,112 (+15,413)

[International Community]

Members in Telegram Group: 90 (+22)

Media Exposure: 9,233 (+5,967)

Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection

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