Phala Monthly Newsletter: August 2023

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5 min readSep 15, 2023


Top News:

We partnered with Developer DAO, a leading web3 developer community, to launch a two-part hackathon series focused showcasing the prowess of Phat Contract.

The first part of the hackathon, the Lens API Oracle Challenge, was completed during August and required hackers to deploy a LensAPI Oracle and craft a distinctive dApp using a limited set of stats from Lens Protocol.

Stay tuned for a detailed blog post; in the meantime, here are some highlights.

Our Director of Tech Evangelism Joshua and Developer DAO’s community manager Billyjitsu kicked off the Lens API Oracle Challenge with a Phascinating workshop. They covered rewarding Lens users with unique NFTs, deploying an Oracle, and building engaging dApps. You can catch the recap below 📹

We closed out the LensAPI Oracle Challenge with a dynamic X Space. We crowned the winners, unpacked Phala Network’s inner workings, and teased the 2nd part of our hackathon: the Phat Functions Hack, boasting over $12,000 in bounties. Attendees left knowing who won and what was next in our mainnet hack. You can listen to the Space here.

We celebrated the best dApp, video, and blog submissions in a special X thread, spotlighting their Phantastic creations. From on-chain games and dynamic NFTs to innovative monetization strategies — we saw it all! As a cherry on top, every submission snagged some Phala Swag. Curious about the magic they conjured? Dive into the thread here.

Phat Contract:

As a prelude to the hackathon, we polished Phat Contract with several key updates. We made tracking Phat usage easier than ever with a sleek new analytics page. Plus, we debuted a refreshed Bricks UI and rolled out testnet support you can access at Oh, and did we mention the brand-new Consumer Contract template?

Josh cooked up something special using the LensAPI Oracle — a treasure hunt that had both Lens aficionados and Lens newbies scrambling for clues.

The kicker? LensAPI Oracle played it coy, holding back the custom JavaScript code and leaving everyone guessing on how to snag those five ultra-rare NFTs. Because let’s be real: what’s more irresistible than a mash-up of Phat Contract, treasure hunts, and NFTs of Josh’s dog Mojo? 😉

To date, Phala World has explored compelling avenues such as the metaverse and dynamic, soul bound and hyper-customisable NFTs. We’ve been exploring an additional direction that will extend and enrich Phala World’s original direction. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming AI-NFT demo 👀


In case you missed it, our VP of Growth, Zoe, recently joined forces with Parity, Apillon, and Subwallet for a must-hear discussion. They delved into how Polkadot Hubs are uniting the global Polkadot community through physical spaces. You can listen to the recording here.

The Moonbeam DEX StellaSwap also announced an update to their cross-chain transfer feature, which now seamlessly supports $PHA. This simplifies the process of moving assets such as PHA across parachains within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Compute Statistics:


Last month we hit the road with Polygon Labs on their DevX Global Tour, shaking things up across Europe to boost Phat Contract adoption like never before. We’ve got a recap thread that shares all the details, plus a sneak peek at what’s coming next as we take on the Americas (yep, US & LATAM, we’re looking at you). Ready to catch up? Read it all here 🌍

Google dropped the news about a serious security concern they’re calling “Downfall Attacks.” This glitch lurks in billions of today’s processors — yes, that includes personal and cloud computers. Good news? Phala Network’s got this covered, thanks to its rockstar worker architecture. Curious? Dive into our detailed thread right here.

Drumroll, please! We’re stoked to introduce our brand-new blog, now live on our website. Think of it as your one-stop shop for all things Phala Network. Ready to dive in? Check it out here.


Check out the full lists of both our governance Referenda and Treasury pages.

💫 Treasury Proposals:

#81: Funding Proposal for Phala & Khala Maintenance

#82: Polkadot Summit & Decoded Global Tour ****

#83: Product Marketing & Growth Expenses

More details can be found here.

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