Compete in “Hello World! by Polkadot” Starting Thursday

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On Thursday, the Web3 Foundation team is kicking off the Hello World! By Polkadot competition on Gitcoin, offering DOT and KSM for completing up to 23 challenges ranging from beginner to advanced, including Phala challenges!

In total, there are 23 different challenges over four categories: 7 Beginner, 3 Intermediate, 4 Advanced and 9 Ecosystem. Ecosystem challenges include Phala, Acala, Moonbeam, and Plasm. All challenges will come with extensive resources to guide you along the way.

All the challenges have been capped at maximum 50 submissions, so move quickly to be in the first 50 valid submissions to get your prize. Prizes per challenge are as follows:

  • Beginner — 3 DOT
  • Intermediate — 1 KSM
  • Advanced — 10 DOT
  • Ecosystem Challenges — 5 DOT

There will also be an extra prize for the first 50 people that manage to complete 18 or more challenges: 150 DOT!

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Join other participants, ask your questions, and follow the Polkadot community conversations on the new Polkadot Discord. 👋

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