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Announcement | Reward Distribution of Long-run Program Delays

Dear Phala Community:

We are sorry to inform you that rewards of normal bounties (SGX testing bounty, later-submitted Test & Claim, Watchmen return) might be delayed as the testnet PoC-3 (mining test) is approaching.

The reason is — there are literally TONS OF PHA prepared for testnet PoC-3, which leads us to reconsider how much PHA we will distribute and re-assess (necessarily) the PHA cost on community building. :)

But no worry, reward confirming and distribution of Testnet Rorschach will be completed this week.

Besides, as the gas fee of Ethereum is getting more and more incredible (we literally paid $500+ on distribution last week), Phala dev team is looking for a new way to distribute PHA. The latest progress will be updated to and Please stay tuned. :)

Thank you all for supporting Phala Network.

Yours sincerely,
Phala Team,

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