Advancing Off-chain Computation for Web3 Social: Phala Network and Lens Protocol Join Forces

Phala Network
3 min readJun 22, 2023

Phala Network and Lens Protocol Announce Integration to bring Next-Gen Computation Services to web3 Social Builders.

California, June 23rd — Phala Network, a leading computation infrastructure platform, and Lens Protocol, web3’s largest social graph protocol, are pleased to announce their strategic integration. This collaboration aims to bring a suite of powerful, easy to use functions and computational services to Lens dApp builders.

Phala Network enables developers to supercharge their smart contracts by leveraging the decentralized compute cloud via its off-chain programming model, Phat Contract.

Phala recently released a no-code experience for Phat Contract that allows developers to deploy pre-built templates for specific use-cases called Blueprints. The first Blueprint is a LensAPI Oracle, which makes it easier than ever to deploy a programmable web3 oracle for Lens and unlock the full potential of web3 social applications. Phala plans to build more Blueprints for the Lensverse, paving the way for rapid development of robust SocialFi products on the platform.

The integration will bring several key benefits to developers and users of both platforms:

  • Smart contracts connected anywhere: Phala’s backend service can easily connect to any blockchain without the need for a bridge, expanding smart contract capabilities on Lens and Polygon more broadly.
  • Seamless Internet Access: Phat Contracts allow smart contracts to communicate with the internet via HTTP/HTTPS requests, enabling seamless integration with any web2 APIs.
  • Faster Development: Using Blueprints, developers can enjoy a no code experience for rapid set-up and deployment on Lens.
  • Computation is always Verifiable: Complex computation for Lens builders is provided by Phala’s decentralized network: secure, robust, and trustworthy infrastructure.

Marvin Tong, Co-founder of Phala Network, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We wholeheartedly believe in the success of web3 social platforms, especially Lens Protocol. Our commitment to providing solid solutions like the LensAPI Oracle to Lens ecosystem builders demonstrates our support for this vision. By combining our expertise and technologies, we can empower developers to build dApps with verifiable computation, making dApps on Lens more secure and user-friendly. We will continue contributing valuable computation toolings based on our advanced tech to further strengthen the Lens ecosystem.”

Nader Dabit, Director of Developer Relations at Lens and Aave, added his own optimism about the collaboration, stating: “The LensAPI Oracle and overall integration with Phala Network will provide developers with powerful tools, enabling them to create cutting-edge decentralized applications. Together, we aim to drive the vision of excellent user experience to empower developers to build the best web3 social application on Lens Protocol.”

Both Phala Network and Lens Protocol are committed to fostering innovation and driving the mass adoption of web3 social applications. The integration between these two forward-thinking platforms marks an important milestone in the advancement of off-chain computation and web3 oracles for social application builders.

To learn more about the product integration between Phala Network and Lens Protocol, you can register now for an online event on July 5th, where team members from both projects will dive deep into product conversations, ecosystem growth and developer relations. Phala also has a promotional free staking campaign for all Lens and Polygon builders coming soon!

About Phala Network: Phala Network is a decentralised off-chain compute infrastructure like no other. Phat contract, an off-chain programming model running on Phala Network, enables developers to build dApps with omnichain compatibility, internet connectivity and verifiable computation. These benefits will make your smart contracts even smarter and can be simply integrated via no code or low code developer experiences. Visit

About Lens Protocol: Lens Protocol is a modular web3 social graph on Polygon that empowers creators to own their community links and user-generated content while maintaining immutability. lt provides a solution to the issues of centralized and non-portable content on existing social media platforms by being a user-owned, open social graph that any application can use. This enables users to own and migrate their data to other platforms at their own discretion freeing them from being locked to a specific network, visit