Phala Network, aiming to be the privacy infrastructure parachain in Polkadot ecosystem, has been under development for almost a year. With the help of Web3 Foundation and Parity on Substrate framework, Phala has achieved significant progress in our milestones, which could take millions of dollars and several years for our competitors to accomplish. Today, we are excited to announce our roadmap in the next few months including the big updates such as the launch of our new testnet Vendetta, pre-mainnet, and the support for Polkadot parachain consensus.

What is Parachain Slots Auction

Phase 0

Network Type:Testnet


Core Development:

NPoS:A decentralized mechanism…

On this special day of September 18, at Block height 414189, Phala’s canary network Khala launched Khala Secure Workers system officially. Workers can obtain Khala rewards by registering and working online. At the same time, all users can use the decentralized application Phala App to join StakePools to begin staking and participate in the distribution of income to the set of miners associated with the StakePools.

I. Preparation

  1. Ensure your Khala node is synced and finalized completely

2. For network problems with node sync, we’ve incorporated community/partner experience in the peer connectivity FAQ

  • If you did not sync your Khala node in…

The AMA with Binance France featured Phala’s Co-Founder Marvin Tong. Let’s take a look at what Phala has been up to.

Q. : What upgrades have you done after you won the 4th slot on Kusama?

Khala Network is a parachain of Kusama based on Substrate, and is the “canary chain” for Phala Network. Khala went live after winning a Kusama slot auction in mid-July. Phala team made a detailed description for Khala Network Launch Evolution, which is separated into 4 stages.

We’re thrilled to announce that Phala is now partnered with Seedify, the incubator and launchpad for blockchain games, and gamers. Through this strategic alliance, Seedify will direct new blockchain game projects towards utilizing Phala’s decentralized cloud computing resources. At the same time, Phala Network will introduce GameFi projects using its services to Seedify’s incubator and launchpad platform.

On September 3, Khala Network released the 1st Khala democratic governance referendum, passed the Voting Period, and entered the Enactment Period. The referendum will become officially passed during the Enactment Period on September 17. After passing, the Khala network will officially launch Secure Worker Mining and Staking.

K-PHA rewards received by users who previously participated in supporting the Khala Crowdloan can directly participate in staking.

The official launch of mining means that Secure Workers can obtain Khala rewards by registering and working online. …


Khala’s first referendum Voting Period ended on September 8, and officially entered the Enactment Period (8 days). At time of writing, less than 6 days remain in the Enactment Period. After the referendum is passed, Khala will officially launch Secure Worker Mining.

Dev Updates


I. Mining

  • Refactor master key distribution mechanism PR
  • Fix an issue with reward dipping when miner approaches Vmax PR
  • Stability and code quality improvement

  • E2E now using pRPC PR
  • Other minor improvements PR

II. Khala

  • Token bridge: redesign relayer, solves compatibility problem encountered (on every chain upgrade) once and for all PR
  • Bridge fee into treasury PR

💻Work in progress

I. Mining Console

  • New features
  • Bug fixes and improvement

II. StakePad

  • Work in progress

Community & Ecosystem

  • Community Stats:

Proposal Overview

This runtime upgrade consists of the following changes:

On-chain Info

The proposal 0x73137537e3264f04e0de2ee8dc7e61adaa403173f2660e97d38cb8bd5b8993b0 is now available on the Polkadot.js app:

1. Introduction

To secure the cloud of Workers and the jobs they are assigned, the network will set Confidence Levels for each worker’s CPU and will require Staking to enable mining. Each worker can only earn value V if it first Stakes a number of PHA tokens based on its CPU score, after which it can enter the mining system and start TEE Mining.

If a worker misbehaves or fails to respond, it will be punished by slashing the V, which strongly incentivizes participants to ensure their workers are running properly and disincentivized attempts to cheat.

2. TEE Mining Roles

Phala Network

Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection

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