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Founded since February 7th, Phala community has witnessed the launch of testnet PoC-1, the launch of W3A demo, Web3 Builders Webinar, Sub 0 lightning talk, etc. We’ve been working to express Phala’s vision to our followers, while improving product and experience according to feedback from the community.

Phala designed 3 waves of airdrop to attract new followers though, still, we hope newcomers could be connected with Phala’s true value, instead of taking PHA as a one-time trading item, whenever and everywhere. Besides, as the community grows, active members who paid time and effort in Phala should be rewarded and valued. Thus, we decided to launch “Phala Helper Program”, for the ones who’d like to be with Phala from the start, and the ones who are enthusiast enough to build a better community sample in Polkadot ecosystem or across the industry.

Helpers will receive

  • 250 PHA / week
  • free swags (of course :p )
  • funding for community events
  • latest detail of how we program this project

We hope you could

  1. Basic
  • Being familiar with Phala Network and our product;
  • Helping with group activity, answering questions for newcomers or event participants;

2. Advanced

  • Translating or improving documentation and massages that help members to better understand our project and events (mainly for local communities);
  • organizing local or online events which helps connects team members with community members;
  • Introducing Phala’s event on different platforms (or forward them to platforms you think it’s necessary).
  • Identifying exposure or promotion opportunities for Phala to better present our vision.

Which means

  • You are able to conduct fluent bilingual communication (English & mother language);
  • You can be regularly online and active;
  • You are a quick learner with patience and experience who are willing to build connections and able to feel others’ feelings.
  • You are more mission-driven than prize-driven.

Before applying

  • You know Phala more than 1 week and are familiar with Phala testnet and what W3A is for;
  • You have attended at least one program or bounty or event that is on-going or launched before.

Your work will be reviewed by

Phala team members (mostly Marvin & Antonia) via talk or simply observation.

Your term of office will be

2 weeks. Which means you can’t quit after only 1 week. If you want to stay longer or are able to stay longer, we would be so glad.

BTW, we are thrilled to announce there are already two Helpers joining us: Abhilash Atmaram and Alex Morozov!

Learn about what Antonia (Community & Growth at Phala) is up to every day:

About Phala

A Substrate-based confidential smart contract blockchain on which you can develop confidential-preserving and privacy-first blockchain apps. Member of Parity Builders Program. Recipient of Web3 Foundation Grant.

🌐Official Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram | Forum

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Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection

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